New green blood against deforestation: Roverhair starts his cooperation with Treedom

November 30, 2021

An eye always and forever on ecology. In view of the new year, Roverhair wanted to further strengthen its connection with the environment and the attention to the global situation of nature: under this sign was born the collaboration with Treedom, which fills the company with pride and contributes to the fight against deforestation and CO2 reduction with a concrete daily action.

Treedom: a look at reality

caffe-roverhairThe idea that gave birth to Treedom is the wonderful desire to put green sap back on the planet, especially in those areas and nations that have been most affected by the harmful human action in recent years: the company, born in Florence in 2010 and long since become a leader in this particular field, consists of an online e-commerce platform that allows you to plant trees in 18 countries around the world.

But it doesn’t stop there: each tree is tracked by GPS, so that the purchaser can follow its growth and situation step by step and always stay up date. The user is given the opportunity to choose and select the tree he or she prefers, based on its characteristics.

The philosophy behind the project

Treedom’s twofold aim is also to finance local farmers in the areas concerned, those who materially plant and take care of the trees in their first years of life. Selected people who receive directly from Treedom all the necessary knowledge for the planting and management of the various trees. papaya-roverhair

Treedom is a constantly expanding reality, and it could not be otherwise, based on strong pillars: total transparency towards users who decide to rely on this platform and the already mentioned social and economic benefits for local communities, which are added to the environmental ones and the underlying desire to help an increasingly threatened planet.

Roverhair’s first steps

It is precisely this last concept that has fostered the natural connection between this reality and Roverhair, travelling along the same line of thought. The first step taken by the company in this new adventure is the purchase of trees, which will be planted over the next few months in various countries: Colombia, Kenya, Madagascar and Tanzania.

Markhamia, Tefrosia, Coffee, Cocoa, Papaya, White Mangrove and Lemon: these are the types of trees that make up the Roverhair core. The starting stone of a project that holds a dream: the realisation, one day, of a real Roverhair forest on our planet, a green lung that can help both local communities and the whole Earth.

A new green collaboration that fills Roverhair with pride and further strengthens its commitment to the planet and a better tomorrow, increasingly focused on contact with nature.