The Company

company roverhair

Roverhair® produces and distributes professional hair products for hairstylists.


Founded in 1975 by Vincenzo Prestia, Roverhair turned in the time from family business in to an international Brand, distributed and known worldwide, without losing sight of the human and direct relationship with its client network.

People make difference

At Roverhair every product is born from a shared intuition of the team members and is developed with artisan spirit by using the most advanced cosmetic know-how and technology.

Thanks to this relationship of trust and loyalty between our company, our partners and our clients, we continue to carry out our mission: allowing women to express themselves through their own look, with creativity and personality.


Right like its logo, represented by a butterfly, symbol of transformation, change and evolution, Roverhair keeps improving its identity and in the past years deeply revised the business model, to generate a positive impact on the people and the environment.

Thanks to the use of ingredients of vegetal/organic origin into its formulas, Roverhair decided to offer a Sustainable Beauty without affecting the functionality of its products.