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All Roverhair products, from formulation to production, are manufactured in our facilities in Italy.

We have decided to consciously embrace the philosophy of green oriented and organic and vegan haircare, without losing sight of the functional aspects necessary for our products. We work for continuous improvement through the search for products that combine the ethics of a clean world with the desire for beauty, sustainable beauty.

Organic in the sense of natural organic, that is a sustainable production model, which avoids the excessive exploitation of natural resources. We are committed to the use of ingredients of natural origin and to seek solutions in the organic world where possible.

It is a cosmetic that does not contain ingredients derived from the animal world, Honey and beeswax, for example, do not fall into this category.

We make sure to use materials with a high percentage of recycled material or – if compatible – pack fully made in recycled material. In the same way, our paper supports derive from FSC production, it indicates that the wood or paper of which the product is composed comes from recyclables.

The sun provides us most of the energy we use on earth. Roverhair collects it through the systems of photovoltaic panels located on its production facility. In our production facilities, in fact, we produce more energy than we use to make our products.

Even in shipments, Roverhair balances emissions to ensure delivery with less impact on each order.

Roverhair is an Italian Company with international profile which sells all around the world.

If you are interested in becoming one of our official distributors, please fill out the form on the contact page.

Roverhair undertakes every year to organize a training plan that includes workshops, events, training days for its distributors through a qualified team up to the network of hairdressers managed by the distributors. Roverhair also supports its distributors by making POP, paper and digital materials available for use on communication networks.

No, Roverhair does not test its products on animals

No, they do not contain parabens. For more details see INCI ingredients list on the packs.

Silicones generally have a protective and conditioning effect, necessary for the function of the product, especially for very technical products. For this reason, most of our formulas do not contain silicones, while for the technical products we have decided to use only those obtained with particular production processes that have low environmental impact and a low residue on the hair.

No, they do not contain sulphates. For more details see INCI ingredients list on the packs.

We are committed to using ingredients of natural origin and looking for solutions in the organic world where possible, combining this philosophy with customer satisfaction in using a performing product. For this reason we indicate on our packaging the percentage of ingredients of natural origin.

We identify products that do not contain substances of animal origin with vegan friendly.

Roverhair produces and markets various professional coloring lines: ammonia-free, with ammonia and vegan with reduced skin sensitivity and the best comfort on the scalp.

We suggest to have a first shampoo for general cleansing, and a second for the function of the product as per the instructions on the label.

The hair conditioner has a greater and untangling moisturizing effect, while the mask also has a nourishing effect.

PAO= Period After Opening, it specifies the number of months by which the product shall be consumed once opened.

Our cosmetic products have a shelf life of more than 30 months and for this reason no indication is required at European level other than that the products should be stored in a cool, dry place. To meet import requirements in some non-EU countries, the expiry date may be indicated.

Roverhair products must be stored in a cool, dry place, away from heat sources.

We are committed to use ingredients of natural origin and look for solutions in the organic world where possible. However we always suggest the client to carefully read the ingredients used printed on the product packs and carry out a patch test before use in order to exclude that the product and its fragrance can generate allergic effects.

The list of ingredients is printed on the bottle or box of the product. In case of lack of space on the primary and secundary pack, it’s printed internally in the box or on a leaflet inside the box.

INCI= International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredients, is the list of ingredients of a product.

The pH is specified on the product packaging, where applicable.

They are professional products that shall be used in the salon by professional hairdressers. The retail size can also be used safely at home.

Roverhair by choice has decided not to market its products online, on e-commerce or similar platforms, focusing on the quality and exclusivity of its products for its distributors and hairdressers. Contact us for more information at or +39 0119170623

You may come across Roverhair products for sale on the web. Often these are small quantities put on sale by companies outside the control of the parent company. If someone reports them to us, we make every effort to verify the situation and have the online sale of our products removed.