TC Color Creactivity interno

TC Color Creactivity Direct Coloring Conditioning

Rice Oil & Aloe Fruit Extract

pH 3 – 3,5   200 ML


CREACTIVITY – DIRECT COLORING: The TC Color Creactivity can be applied directly to ultra-light and decoloured bases to achieve unique and unrepeatable fashion effects. You can apply it from level 8 to level 11:
Fleeting effect / 5 minutes
Moderate effect / 10 minutes
Long-lasting effect / 20 minutes


ENHANCING COLOUR – TC Color Creactivity can be mixed directly into colour to enhance nuances or soften undesirable contrasts. Blended with colour ANPCB, it can be applied in quantities up to 10% of the dye.


LONG LASTING COLOUR – TC Color Creactivity can be used to maintain colour both in the salon and at home; In the salon – Apply TC Color Saver Shampoo, following the instructions; pour from 10 to 20 ml of TC Color Creactivity into TC Color Saver Conditioner, mix and apply following the instructions, leaving in place from 5 to 10 minutes. At home – After TC Color Saver Shampoo, apply TC Color Creactivity to hair and leave in place; the product is formulated and ready to be a conditioning product.