Naturalness and 70s memories: what will be the hair trends of 2022?

October 26, 2021


From shag to pixie to mullet

The current year is not yet over, but with the return from summer holidays we have entered the usual period of transition: often the trends that begin to germinate in September form the basis of the guidelines for the following year, in all areas. And so, it’s already time to think about 2022, for everything related to fashion and hair trends.

This is why fashion shows and events in this final period of the year are becoming important precursors of trends that will develop in the near future. These are decisive indications for predicting the future of hair-related fashion. Colors, ingredients, haircuts: what will be “fashion” in the next year?

As is well known, autumn always brings with it a particular desire to experiment: the trends on the rise in this period, however, seem to look to the past, leaving space for a certain nostalgia for vintage. In addition to this, the call for naturalness is increasingly present and in the spotlight. A push that wants to be a real encouragement, even more clear-cut.

In recent years, many brands have aligned themselves with this position, with a developed attention to environmental issues: a movement obviously embraced by Roverhair. A naturalness that does not condition or limit color trends, but that merges with them: no more extremely bright colors, but shades that refer to nature. Capable of catching the eye, but at the same time having as little impact on the environment as possible.

A trend that is embodied in one of the most recent Roverhair lines: B-SHADE, a concentrated direct coloring line with double action, able to give character to the hair while nourishing it at the same time. A line inspired by the world of spices and its colors. These themes are complemented by a particularly strong look to the past: specifically, the references to the ’60s and ’70s are increasingly evident.

From shag to pixie and mullet: the cuts that will be proposed in the coming months will be very close to the iconic ones of the above-mentioned twenty years, which are taken as a real reference. Hairband and turban to accompany the hairstyle are increasing, as well as large hairpins and particularly shiny clips: even in these type of accessories to complete and enhance hairstyles we can find a reminder of the past.

Vintage hairstyles to be combined with natural drying: the wet look is also back, with hair deliberately untamed after washing. Among these, a prominent role is certainly played by the return of braids (of all types, from side braids to total braids) and the low ponytail, for a reminder of elegance that can always remain comfortable.

Another thing not to be underestimated is the fringe, which has reappeared several times over the last few months: its popularity is growing fast, as is its length. While short fringes are in vogue, more and more pronounced fringes are on the way, touching the eyes or even completely cover them, called the classic maxi bangs.

Last but not least: curls are back in fashion, in all their nuances. From the intense curl to the beach waves. Once again, natural moved hair are very popular.
A breath of fresh air with an eye on an iconic past, able to innovate and merge with trends and new ecological needs. Roverhair is always attentive to everything that turns around the world of fashion, in order to keep its portfolio constantly updated and thus keep up with new trends.