New york, Paris, London and Milan fashion week reveal what could be the coolest hair of the season.

Between the cuts emerges the beauty tendency of the bob accompanied by a very short fringe; tousled, curly, sometimes wet bob; very long hair with a super short fringe, layered and thinned cut.

The trend this year is TO DARE… matching everything in NEON – PANTONE colors, eccentric and extravagant.


Password: bright and fluorescent colors. Neon – effect hair style got viral

Yes, because this kind of coloring
– red, purple, green, lilac, candy rose, light blue and blue locks –
becomes protagonist.
Fashion is changing and wants to dye your hair with bold and strong colors.

LAWN Color. Luxurious, soft and lush.
Remembers the irish and english boundless grassland.

CHICK Style. It’s a shade that can be pink or pink/violet. Right for looks that definitely don’t want to go unnoticed.

SILVERY Color. It’s a specific shade of grey that hold a point of silver. Ideal for a fancy and sophisticated style.

COLOR Frisé. An effect that recalls the digital world an recreates particularly geometrical and innovative designs.

BLUE Frisé. The evolution of the past Blue, but with a point of ice, cold and typical of the winter. Ideal for a glacial elegance.

RONZE Mood. Result of the mix between red, gold reflexes and the natural.


This fall, hairstyles go a dark-baroque mood.

It’s the right season to enrich your hair with opulent decors. The easy hairstyles make

way for the volume, and if you love to dare with your hair this is the moment.