Green energy and sustainable beauty: the philosophy behind Roverhair

October 20, 2021


Roverhair’s green ethics

One of the most central principles for a modern-day company is certainly everything that revolves around environmental issues, interconnected with attention and respect for the environment. This is not always an easy way to go, but the possibilities exist and are concrete, at the disposal of a not inconsiderable ethical choice: the one that Rovehair has decided to make since its birth.

The philosophy behind the brand is to pursue sustainable beauty. But what is it specifically about? The search for products that merge the desire for beauty with the ethics of an increasingly clean world. We are talking about the creation of products dedicated to cosmetics and haircare, consciously embracing “green oriented” and “vegan friendly” philosophies, with an eye to reduce the impact of our actions on natural ecosystems in order to preserve them.

“Vegan” cosmetics do not contain any ingredients derived from the animal world and are perfectly in line with the so-called organic haircare: this definition refers to all those products dedicated to hair care that are characterised by naturalness, organic and the result of a sustainable production model. But Roverhair’s philosophy is not limited to the essential search for raw materials of organic origin and with the least possible impact on the planet.

The brand’s green ethic is certified by several other elements, which revolve around products: Roverhair demonstrates attention to the issue of sustainability through the production of paper materials (such as boxes, displays, brochures) exclusively with FSC – Forest Stewardship Council® – recycled paper and through the use of an eco-sustainable material such as wood for the realization of curlers, bowls and brushes.

The pens used in the company are made from recycled bamboo-based materials. The packaging of certain products or lines is another important aspect in this respect: for some of them are used glass bottles, while for others the material used is PET (polyethylene terephthalate), which is recycled and in any case recyclable.

But more than any other element, what makes the difference for a green and eco-sustainable philosophy is undoubtedly the fundamental presence of solar panels covering the Roverhair company. Five solar panels covering the production halls and powering the entire production site. This is the numerical ratio of which Roverhair is extremely proud: only one third of all that energy is used for production processes.

Roverhair can proudly claim to produce more energy than it consumes. In our opinion, this is the most concrete and relevant step towards a better future for all. A future made of sustainable beauty and respect for the planet that surrounds us. A philosophy in which Roverhair has always believed and invested in a concrete way.