First and foremost it’s a sign of the appreciation of and search for quality. An artisan who works with his hands establishes an intimate relationship with his products and knows that what he makes represents him. He can’t accept anything but perfection.
He is also constantly able to test the evolution of his skills, and this offers him gratification and satisfaction.


“Your hands make your thoughts visible, giving them body and weight”.

“Your hands are tools that create a vision”.

“To think with your hands means to conceive”.


Denis de Rougemont, Thinking with Your Hands, 1936-37

We have chosen to unite beauty, love and care, offering the value of our work through a unique, artisan gesture. We believe that returning to simplicity, to truth, to everything we create daily with our hands is the road to a sustainable future.


This has led Roverhair to conceive the new organic and aromatherapic treatment system dedicate to the wellbeing and care of scalp and hair.
Our “Artisan of Beauty Care” range is the expression of beauty which, with a unique but simple procedure, fulfils our clients’ desires.


ARTISAN OF BEAUTY CARE is the scalp care and treatment range by ROVERHAIR, created for the normalisation of the scalp and the daily problems that subject our hair to different types of stress: HAIR LOSS, SEBORRHOEA, FLAKING, ITCHING and ALTERATIONS.


ARTISAN OF BEAUTY CARE is a natural organic range developed and formulated without the aid of: SLES, SLS, PARABENS, DEA, PEG and ALCOHOLS that are synthetic.

AROMATHERAPY is a holistic practice which acts upon physical, mental and spiritual processes, thanks to the use of non-greasy essences, concentrated in certain areas of medicinal plants: flowers, resin, bark, roots, skin, leaves and fruit. These oils are volatile fractions obtained from the plants by means of distillation. The use of essential oil in aromatherapy has extraordinary potential, revealed in the form of physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Aromatherapy is not restricted to topical use only. All of its subtle properties, meaning the olfactory message that penetrates to our remotest limbic spheres, are exploited.
You can pamper yourself with a wave of scents and benefits to heal specific pathologies, with just a few ingredients.


Thanks to aromatherapy and the use of essential oils, we can take care of ourselves and our hair naturally.



Thanks to the technological research carried out in ROVERHAIR laboratories, a new treatment system has been developed for contrasting hair loss, scalp alteration phases and the various dysfunctions caused by stress and/or scalp anomalies.
The strength of ARTISAN OF BEAUTY CARE is based not only on its organic formulation and the choice of naturally derived actives, but also on the simplicity of the rituals with which to provide a response to hair-related problems.